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Power Wheelchair Lights

Quick Light Head Light 12 Brite L.E.D.'s

Quick Light Head Light  3 Brite L.E.D.'s


Bright LED lights. The most universal lights available.

Runs on the wheelchairs batteries.

Works on most manufacturers of wheelchairs. Not on E & G.

Plug into the charge/program port on the joystick and it

turns ON.

Unplug the light to turn it OFF.


QL 12 LED 13 lumens = $39.00

QL   3 LED 120 lumens = $59.00

Fits all joysticks that have the correct voltage polairity.

There are three holes where the charger/programmer plugs in.

They are marked by the holes with numbers, 1, 3, 2.

Hole #1 is positive + voltage, Hole #2 is negative - voltage, Hole #3 is between 1 and 2, #3 is for programming.

L.E.D. Safety Single Strip Light kit...................................$99.00


12" long, 12 volt, 15 L.E.D's safety light. 

The LED safety strip is self adhesive and waterproof.

The light kit gets it's power from one 12 volt battery on your power wheelchair.

L.E.D. lights use very little power to operate and will not drain one battery empty.

Easy to attach to any chair. Toggle ON/OFF switch for operating. 



Wireless Stop/Kill Switch

Key Switch - Drive Lockout



Converter & Inverter

Fuses & Connectors





 Electric Wheelchair Accessories

12 Brite LED's

3 Bright LED's

Super Bright Flex Head Light


Universal fit wheelchair head light.

19 L.E.D.'s and 19 lumens or a single LED and 60 lumens to light the way in front of you. Powered by 24 volts from the wheelchair.

Tilt, Recline, angle your armrest, and you can still point the light where you need it with the flexable shaft.

Power comes from the joystick. Plug it in to the three pin port on the joystick and light your way safely.

Easy to install. Easy to un-install when not needed.


       Flex Head Lights

  **$89.00 or $99.00**



Dual Tubular L.E.D. Head and Tail Lights

Connects directly to one wheelchair battery and draws very little current.

Four bulbs with 12 L.E.D.s in each, 60 total lumens . Two brite white bulbs for front and two brite red rear bulbs. New Separete toggle "on/off" switch box and new quick connect wiring which helps wire routing.  Easy clamp on mounting. Lights are 8 inches long by 1 inch wide. Plenty of wire to mount anywhere.


Switch Modules

Dual Head & Tail Light = $160.00     

WLL Super Flex Lights - Short and Long sizes.      $79.99 short and long for $99.99

Super flexible light shaft. Three super bright L.E.D.s producing 120 lumens, twice the lumens of the old light.

Universal 3 pin charger plug. Powered by the wheelchairs 24 volt battery system.

Just line up the light plug and joystick charging/programming socket, push together and

your light turns on. Overall lengths are approximately 7.5" short and 11" long.

Can light your way, let people know your coming or light up the ceiling,


Super Flex Lights
Super Flex Lights

Flex Head Lights

Lights 2

Lights 2

Flex Lights
Flex Head Lights

Wireless Remote Control L.E.D. Headlights


Super bright 900 lumens each. 

Remote keyfob to turn lights ON & OFF. Adjustable angle. 

New high tech L.E.D. technology used.

Solid aluminum housing.

Waterproof lights.

Easy one battery hook-up that's fused for safety.








Wireless Remote Headlights




Wireless Stop/Kill Switch

Key Switch - Drive Lockout



Converter & Inverter

Fuses & Connectors





Switch Modules

Lights 2




Mini Blinker L.E.D. Light kit!.....................................$79.00  

Two 5 L.E.D. lights that will blink.

12 volt battery hook-up.

One push button operation.

Adhesive pads to attach to chair.



WLL 900 Head & Tail Light kit


Two 900 lumen bright white head lights.

Two 6 L.E.D. amber tail lights.

One toggle switch system to turn on lights. 

Tail lights can light steady or blink together.

12 volt system. Easy one battery connection.

Comes with mounting hardware and instructions.

Aluminum and glass head lights with a single L.E.D.

Metal and plastic tail lights with multiple L.E.D.'s.




WLL 2000 Head & Tail Light kit


Two 16 L.E.D. Inline head lights.

Two 15 L.E.D. Red tail lights.

12 volt operation, one battery hookup.

Only draws 0.4 amps.

Dual toggle switches.

Tail lights can blink together, turn off or light continuous. 


Quick Lights
Quick Lights